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my mom bleeekkk

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well my moms name is sanday and in NY the storme sanday F-------- thing up the and as know fist time the LIHMCS show ben canseled even if i cude go i wish was not agen nest yoer fore shore and yes some how 4 armys 2 4ok 2 fantacy i willl be going out friday and saterday to do some hoobby friday comix shop and acmore saterday cooll trains and lots dawn of war and mabe restart on the rats of more 6th edd minis stater set will get some thing mini reated dun got call the war store lots stuf to get see whot pries thare aremight just get books fore fantacy i gots 6 of em to get got set up a tasbull and do some king of war got pratis that oh the new kaos minis one a heed how well i made a covetion of a dark eldaer cater and the kaos has a mini simeler to it and my convert looks beter i think its in my pics on this sight well tell the nest blue moon

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