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Lost in fantasy...first time in years.

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I suppose its a case of mid life crisis,or just a feeling of something loved and lost which had been evading the air and my very being over the last 6 months or so.For the first time in years I feel compelled to pick up a figure and paint it.There is a bit inside which is like a child wanting to play.It's asking for me to rekindle part of my own childhood from decades ago when d&d ruled the roost,and runequest and warhammer first burst onto the scene.
Over the years somehow I have obtained the odd figure or for some other reason obtained paints,and lost even more figures to places only the great gods of the halls of lost things knows where they have gone to.
Time they say is a great healer of pain,but it still saddens me that some 15 years ago I gave away many metal figures still in their boxes to some one when I moved and many more must of been lost in transit or during other moves and mood swings of what can be said to be a turbulant life.

Truth is the loss is heavy and a part of me now wants what has become lost and should not of been forgotten too easily.That's what becomes of one when one watches the lord of the rings film.I got the longing to visit middle earth once again,itchy feet,a need to follow that long winding path back to bilbo baggins and those orks and monsters I knew as a child and teenager of the 70's and early 80's when D&D was at its highest point and many new games like warhammer were just making their first tentative steps.

On the 1st of october I started to dig out what little remains of not only my own ancient paints and figures but also my much younger brothers bits and bobs.To be honest here only a few old dried up pots of paints remained from the 80's,one very early copy of white dwarf from the 70's and a later copy of Dragon magazine. All my figures had long since gone,the last possibly being traded by one of my brothers for warhammer 40k stuff about 10 years ago.
40K does not really interest me and the figures I may exchange on for something more appealing.They are mostly marines and tyranids far removed from the world of traditional straight forward fantasy.I was given a load more miniatures which were all warhammer probably Brettonians and a few other odd pieces.Still not of real interest to me.

It was whilst searching through the great market of e-bay that suddenly I found the new love of my life.Something that really excited me in a way I have not felt since I was a child.It was those beautiful little vermin the Skaven.Cute to their wicked core...gotta love them all.They appealed to me as in real life I keep rats as pets and companions.From e-bay I purchased my first figures since the early 80's,All the Skaven from the Isle of Blood box game for less then £20 unpainted and still on the spues.

As a bonus gift recently someone was kind enough to donate a dragon man.He's also kind of cute and one model I wished they would of produced when I was a kid..but even if they did I never found it.

So here I am after all these years,with rekindled interest in miniatures and collecting and painting them.Heck I even fancy playing a few games of Warhammer or D&D for old times sake.......but with a memory like a seive it could take some doing.

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