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wanting something more.

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Lots of small things have happened since I last posted.The first is that i realised I needed a more perminant workspace.Before it was a case of using whatever space was not needed at the time around the house.This caused my bits to become rather scattered.Lighting is another thing that crossed my mind so I purchased two day light bulbs.Pity that finding a lamp suitable for them did not cross my mind at all.So now I have two daylight bulbs and no lamps.Still they throw better light around the room then energy saver bulbs if I place them into the light socket behind me.Just means I have to turn my chair around at a funny angle to see what I am doing.

Eyes,the eyes.Are not as good as I thought they were.Started to wear glasses about a year ago as started to find seeing things close up hard.Even with my glasses on I still can't see some fine detail.Perhaps some sort of magnifying gizmo may help.

Developed a bad cold over the weekend so no work was carried out on any miniature,eyes felt like golfballs,a sore head and blocked nose.Felt more like a hangover then anything else.

One thing that has been bugging me over the last few weeks and since coming back into the world of gaming and miniatures.It's wanting something more.This is the urge to visit my youth and obtain a sample collection of late 70's early 80's gaming figures.This urge has been getting stronger and stronger just in the last two weeks alone.I took the plunge today and brought two cheap dragons online.The two came to less then £30.Both were Tom Meier's designs and were released around 1985.They are the black dragon(DG4) and the fire dragon(DG5).I suppose in a way I an going back to where for me the interest in miniatures all started.

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