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Scratchbuilt Walker

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Hello, I am now to the website and plan on taking full advantage of all of the knowledge that is generously offered up here, as well as share a few things that I am currently working on.
A couple of months ago, I was getting really tired of looking at the same old pile of spare model kit parts, and other useless junk that I had lying around, so, I decided to create a scratch build from it all. I had bits of a Sherman tank that I had constructed (and destructed) in my childhood, parts from an old Chevy model, a broken Playstation controller and some other bits in a drawer. Once I started, it quickly took the form of a walker with a missile rack. The original idea was to make it into a steampunk style piece, but the more that I look at it, I think that I want to involve a clown theme. Angry clowns operating heavy artillery and destructive equipment.
I still have another portion that is going to be drug from behind of this guy, a form of missile loading equipment, but the basic construction is where I like it.
I will post more progress as it comes to fruition.

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