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I am new here.

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Hello, my name is Anne O'Leary and I am new here. I have only been painting for one year and learned entirely online by following and reading blogs. I would like to improve as a painter and believe that I can learn a great deal from the artists on this forum.

I am Irish and living in the States for two years and am quite isolated. This hobby helps me to connect with people who have a common interest. This is a sample of my most recent work. She is a 25mm sculpt from Reaper Miniatures.

.Name:  1-niamh11-001.jpg
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Thank you.

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  1. secretpaintgeek's Avatar
    Welcome to Cmon
    The forums here are great for getting advice and so on. Everyone is friendly and there are some real high quality painters here that are more than willing to share the benefits of years of experience.
  2. Dragonsreach's Avatar
    It's nice to see people starting to paint and the painting community does need more female painters. (Equality no, Men can't ever match up!).
    Come over to the forums, its not the Dark Side and there are so many people willing to offer advice and help.
  3. cfwheeler58's Avatar
    I am old here....and you already paint as well or better than I. Keep pushing forward......
  4. freightdog5126's Avatar
    You came to the right place. So far all of the posts here are more towards artistic talents added to the gamers side. Several pc's I've gotten recently are more closer to display pieces than game pieces. Back to the subject. Nice work, like the details around the eyes. Cheers.
  5. sippog's Avatar
    Hello and welcome (or should that Cead Mile Failte)
    Pretty nice work - you've got a good eye for colour combinations, I think.

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