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Matthew Snelson

Starting Again

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There's somthing strangely therapeutic about starting again.

When your brush chucks a hair out of place and smears paint across the edge you were highlighting.


You just have to start again!

I've just started again, like this blog from that ancient awkward entry back in May 2012 and in my dedication to painting minatures. I don't know if I'll ever be as good as I'd aspire to be, but that's part of the fun of it.

My friend said somthing really important, he said "Paint it 'til you're happy with it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks".

I took alot from that, I tend to worry less about wether it's as good as the best, and more about how I feel when I look at the minature. Some scuplts, when I look at them, cause me to issue a sound effect. Or create a voice for the piece. It's that immeidate engagement with the imagination that sets apart the great from the truly great. All the paint jobs I really enjoy spark somthing off in me, be it an poinion, or some inspiration. They generate a wider context for me to set the piece in, and tell me somthing about the creator of the work.

I'm sure every one of the great painters and sculptors followed some part of my friends profound edict.

For me I follow the "Paint 'til you're heppy with it" because it does matter to me what other people think. I fear the embarassment of a score lower than 5, I worry that someone looking at my work or my blog might think "what is this manchild drivelling on about/painting for". I can't say if that is narcisscism, or just an artistic temperament that we all share in the cult of mini painting. As much as we paint for the passion of it and the satisfaction when we see the fruits of our labour, we also paint for the viewer. There is little more pleasing than someone admiring your work. or being impressed enough to offer some constructive feedback, the engagement of it I suppose.

So "starting again" is part of that process, even if we are pleased with our finished project it won;t be long before we are starting again, some how, some when. Just make sure that when you start again you chill, and finish when you're happy with it, who cares what anyone else thinks?

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