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Matthew Snelson's not like it used to be!

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I've been posting some updated mini's, I find it helpful to respond to the score I'm getting as a way of improving the minatures. IT tells me if I'm going forward in the right direction.

But if there's one thing I know you can't move forward with out checking your mirrors...right? (okay okay cheesey I know).

So I've indulged myself in some Nostalgia. I have an album on my computer of models and minatures from the past few years as I have gradually been able to commit more time to improve myself to the standard I had achieved in my (slightly) younger years.

Unfortunately the stresses and strains of life have given me hand tremors, but I have invested in a third hand. (No fabius had nothing to do with that). And this has really helped, combined with growing confidence in my core abilities I'm finding that I an attempting more challenging techniques and getting closer to achieving them.

However, have you had that moment when you're plateauing? Do you know what I'm saying? Right...for example, shading techniques, you can practice and practice but at every stage of improvement there is a period of time when nothings getting better or worse, it's just "almost there" and it'll stay that way for months until you make a strange unannounced breakthrough in technique and your mini's start looking more defined in a way you couldn't have imagined was possible. I call it "Painters Plateau" and when I'm moving through it the Nirvana song runs through my head "Nothing at the Top but a Bucket and a Mop...." blah blah, c'mon you know it!

So how do we get past it? Practice I guess, I firmly believe that even those mindblowingly talented painters we gasp at and wish we could emulate. Well, they must spend hours of comitted practice to just one small area of a minature. I haven't got that kind of focused time, so to push myself past the mental frustration I use Nostalgia, I look back at where I've come from and know that soon, the most recent pictures of the most recent minatures I have deemed are the best of my best, will soon be committed to the ever growing pile of previous efforts that now cause me to shake my head and wonder what it was I saw when I looked at it back then. because most of them look like a Lictor has just emptied it's bile sac...

Still, I loved them then, and I love them now, and my most recent project is definitely perfect....for now....sort of...

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  1. Shadowspawn's Avatar
    Excellent post, hit very close to home for me.
  2. Matthew Snelson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowspawn
    Excellent post, hit very close to home for me.
    Thank you, I will be posting again shortly, really appreciate you taking the time to read

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