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Matthew Snelson

Information Overload...

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Okay, so I'm pushing on trying to improve.

I'm pretty sure that my most recent mini I've posted is my best yet, but I just can't get my cameraphone to translate the way the eye does.

I did what I reckon most of us do, and started research. Now the problem I've got is I probably know too much! At least enough to know I haven't got a clue.

This took me back to a conversation I had with my step dad. It was about developing in art, how the only way, in his opinion, to develop, is with someone there say "no that's good" or "now here's where you are going wrong". He'd advised me to seek out an art course to develop my skills and I had agreed, but ben unsure what course would be appropriate. And whilst I am happy to spend money on courses, to my mind I really want some form of qualification at the end, otherwise you don't get a material as well as intellectual return. But perhaps that's just my generation...

I have to agree, and I hope you do too, that it can really develop your skills having a good tutor. And I have looked into courses and evening classes, but it's hard to know what and who will actually benefit me. And who is actually just someone who can draw and wants to draw with me there paying. I hope that doesn't sound harsh, but there are some very dodgey looking "tutors" out there.

Most of all I'd like it if there were more graphic/3D art or minature painting courses. There seems to be this huge community, but we're very on-line based. It's lovely that we are all here and chatting. And I guess that's part of our culture as birds that flock together, being of the feather...or somthing like that.

I went to a local store for the mini's that interest me (there are others out there), and found that the staff there weren't further down the road than me in terms of development. Strangely some of my mini's were pushing boundaries they hadn't reached yet. But there was still an exchange of information leading to new ideas and excitment (the most important ingredient) at what my next project will be.

Ultimately I was left with a slight overload of information, my need to improve had begun to overshadow my core reason for painting mini's. I just plain love it. Okay so there are better cameras which will get better pic's and get me better scores. There are art courses out there for everything from surreal to computer based graphic design. I can spray, brush, sketch, stencil, sew and canvas my way to teh standards I want to achieve. Or I could take a breath, one simple step back and know what? I'm improving...anything else might just be TMI...

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