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Matthew Snelson

Dig Deep Marine!

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Gaah! Just had one of those paint session that completely fails to satisfy...you know the one? Just couldn't get my eye to focus in and my brain to engage with what I was doing. Essentially I was suffering a sort of Brechtian Alienation from the Scout Squad I was painting.

Now, as much as I like the miniatures, the ones with the cloaks and sniper rifles, they were picked more out of a sense of requiring an additional cheap troop choice for my DA army. So the squad, born out of necessity I suppose, is currently leaving me a little cold. I've left it with some blocked colour and black where it counts, and just a sense that had I painted another hour I would have keyed in. So on the bright side I'm looking forward to setting some time away tomorrow to continue, that;s if my mate doesn't pop over for a battle...

Now this got me thinking about necessity versus desire. There are many things in my life I would consider necessities, caring for my wife and children, ensuring the house is warm and dry and there's food on the table. My children's education and the families general well being are necessities. There are many in the realm of responsibility, each one absolute and immoveable

My desires..well this really isn't for that kind of funky...but I know you'll have yours so we'll both respect each others privacy...

Yet as I put my scouts away for the night I got to thinking about those two hours I'd spent soulessly pushing paint around the sculpts. It all seemed rather necessary, however it was simply that I desired to pick up a brush and lose myself in my little world for a while, however it didn't happen...I just had to dig deep and paint...

And why do we do that?

Because there's something bigger at the end of it, that sense of a (so far) complete army, the knowledge that they will take to field of war with some dignity afforded them. And also that the focus will come, and the tipping point will be when I get that first glimpse of the paint coming together as an interpretation of the sculpt behind it. The excitement that this might be my best effort yet and the bringing to life of something that was once dull, grey and lifeless...

And I truly believe that this is somthing that all of us enjoy in this passtime and/or profession (in some cases). Our little world can spill over into our realities and bring some much needed colour to the outer, objective world that can be so full of necessity the fun has trickled out a little. So please, next time you pick up the brush, don't waste the moment, let that colour seep into everything you do, and,... dig deep marine...

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