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snuurg, sculptor

scale-size stonehenge

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- a couple of pics of a series of models created for the soon-to-open new visitor centre at Stonehenge, showing its progression through the ages: first, about 3000 BC, and before the commonly-known henge has appeared, a circular ditch enclosed a series of stones or wooden uprights known as the Aubrey Pillars, the entrance to the site fronted off by the larger ‘heel stone’; by 2500 BC most of the Aubreys have disappeared but for a small number of station stones, while the heel stone has been moved to intercept the line of the solstice. The henge proper has materialised by this stage, the main circle housing an inner ‘horse-shoe’ formation of larger trilithons, as well as a series of smaller so-called ‘blue’stones; by 2200 BC, most of the circular earthworks are greatly diminished, while an ‘avenue’ has been demarked to either side of the heel stone, leading to the site’s entrance.

The second set of pictures shows the original model made for moulding, along with the bronze-effect casting produced from it. This piece represents the modern situation of the stones at the site. All four pieces will be housed in sequence on display at the visitor centre:

- I’ve rattled off a making-of thing, the subtitles don’t seem to work properly on all platforms, but here ya go:

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