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snuurg, sculptor

Buckbeak bows

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one of several 'live' animatronic features at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour, the griffon/gryphon from...well, whichever one it was in. Went for a visit there a few days ago with a couple of friends, for one of their birthdays.

Whatever you think of the whole Potter phenomenon, the tour thing is really quite an experience - granted I'm pretty biased by way of being a sculptor/modelmaker, but - so. much. stuff! - six hours and didn't feel like we'd taken it all in - massively impressed with how much practical stuff is still involved, and how much of it goes unseen, but also with how the practical is tied in with the virtual.

And the enormous 'Hogwarts' model...oh my effin' g. I nearly wept...

- eyeballs are still aching from trying to see everything that was there. Really well-organised layout, no time to get bored in between exhibits...the people-wrangling was very well handled, didn't seem to have to wait any great length of time even for having a go on a broomstick (be warned, there *will* be video of a Brum on a broom!)

...image quality a bit grainy here, had the settings a bit stuffed after several readjustments throughout the tour - looks ok though I think.

I mean hippogriff.

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