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Spoiled Rotten by Hasslefree

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As I sit here and wait for orders from two companies in the UK, I realize that HF have spoiled me. I just got a package from them, in just over a week.That is damn quick turnaround.

I'm coming up on just over two weeks waiting for these other two orders, and normally, it wouldn't make me think twice for over seas shipping to take that long . . . but now that I've had the nigh-instant gratification of Deb's superior shipping skills, I find myseld with less patience for the more average return time of small shops.

It should be noted that my last order from the Foundry arrived in about 8days, which also left me pleasantly suprised.

Are the postal strike woes still plagueing the UK I wonder?

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  1. Scott's Avatar
    Don't forget that we've had postal strikes over here that have seriously disrupted things for the past few weeks. All depends on when and where your stuff was posted - some areas have been better at shifting the backlogue than others.
    Hasslefree are very good though :)
  2. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Yeah, it seems to be a lottery at the moment as to where there are strikes currently going on. Don't fear, though, it's not just overseas shipping that's affected.

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