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Tracking my painting excursion

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I have started painting some mini`s for a friend, mostly because he gave me all of his supplies when he decided it wasn't for him.

This is what I have so far, the spikes on the backside have also been done in the same brown.

I`m debating with myself on re-doing the box in a different colour somehow, just so it doesn`t stand out too much, also trying to think on what i should do differently on the other 2 models.

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  1. Arkelsa's Avatar
    So i finished off the Castle Ravenloft Gargoyles today. Overall i`m fairly happy with how they turned out.

    Noticed that my detail brush started curling on me, so i went out and picked up a new one, while at the LGS I also picked up a couple of the Citadel Small Dry Brushes.

    After trying out i immediately knew where I went wrong with my previous attempts to dry brush.

    On my list of things to buy is a Camera, LoL, maybe it will help me out a little bit with some photography.

    I`m also planning on making myself a little portable photo-booth, one of these days.

    Anyways a couple of pics of how it ended up, here`s the front:

    And the Back:

    Time to start thinking about my next project, which is going to be the Zombie Dragon (possibly) ... I don`t know if I can do it any justice, lol, so I might pull out some more of those practice Reapers I bought and try something different.

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