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Introducing myself

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Hello, I am Victor, I've been painting since 1994. I start painting to play and at the beginning I was more interested in playing and in the tactics than in painting. After some time I focus more on the hobby aspect and today although I always paint thinking in making the miniature playable I dedicate more time to the painting side.
Some time ago I started a blog in Spanish that over the time I decided to do bilingual making all post in English and Spanish. About one year ago I decided to start a You Tube channel in English to share my painting work and my thoughts about the games I play.
An now I decided to joint Cool Mini or Not with the objective of challenge my painting and try to improve more and learn more from the community.

If you are interested this is my channel:

This is the introduction video of my channel:

I will try to post here my WIP with the objective to receive feedback to improve.

Thanks for your attention

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