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welll shude be paiting

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yes i shud be paiting i got kaos 4ok and marines to do but i like to get more bakini girls wirh guns or swards rather do themthen boring guys enny day got calll the war store and see what say i shud call a friend of mine to see if vid of the LIHMCS hobby show yes i did not go to thisss year or last 8 years UUUUGG i did say things bout rthastto AALL out thare may be to nighr i will brack a ruel and paint rond my PC and lisen to some books on the you tube fond two i like the HHGTTG and disc world and the end of D6G pod cast got get a nuther might look back to 4ok radio EHE??? shuge got look bleeekk 9th on WHFB not enfued on that wish i cude find some one to play some edd nare by cant get to war & pecese a gaming shop in town down town laM caster but got sol storm frome dawn of war willll get the mod soon and hay nelly funfunfun stiil be fun to get a 4ok titie besides my stompa liike do a nuther one may be a great gorgant the big ork titen if think you broly do it with 2 of em me i redo the mini and ad more lights and an inside with an engen thinking car enges two or three model cars might do it and a box of golens as runts and snoling doing all cind crazzy zanny thing runing rond with tools and guns on ropes and chains laders well you get picher just whaked out seen and dont fore get the BIG MEK and his crew but got get off the PC got do food diner time still like to get thows girls with guns wiill see TTFN

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