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First 40K Gameday of the Season

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As I mentioned in a previous blog my friends and I only play Warhammer 40K from October to April to as the summer months here in Minnesota are taken up with yardwork, house projects and travel. This last weekend was our first Gameday of the '07-'08 season.

We had three new(ish) tables to play on this year. A swamp/marsh, which in my opinion, was the best looking table this time. A fall colored midland forest that I think could have used and extra small ruin or two to liven up the table aesthetically. And the new lava table, which worked out rather well although I didn't get a chance to play on it - the ones who did thought it was cool.

As I mentioned last week as I was finishing up the terrain for the lava table, I was going to do a quick wash on the "lava trees" to bring out the detail. I was under a time crunch and after a precursory pass at a wash I realized it was going to take much more finessing to get the paint to settle into the many, many tiny holes in the coral. I ended up just painting the bases black so it matched the dropcloth put over the table and called it alright for now. I'll work on them later when I'm not feeling so pressured.

Here are pics of the tables we played on...

 Swampy - Marsh Terrain

 Midalsn Forests


River of Lava Table 

I've also gotten back in to painting my army again. I'm a little uninspired looking at the Killer Kans so I'm switching to the Stormboy Nob, just to keep moving forward at something that benefits my tournament army. Primed white (as always), Orkhide green GW foundation paints and awash over the teeth and straps around horns so Ican see the details. 

 Stormboy Nob Head


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