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welll thare on thare whay

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WEELL ALL OUT THARTE IN cool mimni just to day i sent forwe 35 girls with guns and hope to get soon and say you know i dont realy know how long it will be but thare going to be fun to paint and may be i get drugery of doing my mariens whill i do the girls with guns i dont care if will not bolve me but i dun 7 4ok armys and 9 army fore WHFB and AAALLLLL GUYS some the minis are girls but moly guys and finaly i get do fun minis that can ues fore my armys thatgirls with guns if l;iike box set i get the guys to and zombis ho the girls i got are the apolitlic sivers ans 2 max minis blitersthes 35 minis and will see what loook like the sivers have 30 minis and willl do lot of covegens to will mack shore skin wil be expesed and havey wepens to but will have fun got get my books orks and IGs $8o bucks EEERGGG like to get some and meen 3 or 4 of thows new terex taks yes one with tracks my be i sprge and go ALL IN and just get em got call the war store and see how mutch welll TTFN

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