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WELLL ALL THARE HARE yes the minis are hare and asmbulled 6 of en and did my cavrgens of bleek ones yes you ALL will see when thare dun on the you tubs juyst did not like the minis as is and olny 3 of em will see how thay come out the rest welll havent got that fare yes but max minis look good and will be fun just with all hade 3 minis in both boxes got one with 2 ansd theother with you gees right 3 UUUUUUGGGF and both same price UNFARE hek add two of the same but lest thare butay now the hard bit like to get the brothers vinny IGs girls have to go to bank and caves em to dopay pail or some thing to tranlat my bucks to eros not shore if do it ?? but will see mises the sail fore the brothers viny allgirl minis 1o% off of 5 EAS dont know but o mist it . welll will get back to oter things its snowing tomorow and lots time to do minis got some A B putty platic weld stuf thwe bad wether stop me geting grrn puty thing i got some butt got get to the comix store to get WD and orher pulcations wioll get out to acmorer and mikels and cool trains olny place i get to to get sirpies to do minis BLLLEEEKK just dont like thows paces not right kind of stuff . will see TTFN

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