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welll its geting thare

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welll sloly puting em to getther and thare looking ok the new IGs girls youl see i will find a mini you bleeps will like and not call me a bad paiter or telll me i need plates or you just dont get it or beter yet dont play enny wargames ans TROLL the ENET to say bad things about other pepels paiting you dont even do it will be dun .. the one thing i will like to to is some 3D priting and get the tanks i need to do my IGS ans SPMs get them dun shud get more ork trucks and new batel whagen with the roler me i shud just do with platic card and say hek with GW think of it do some the dawn of war bikes thay disd fore the orks llike em yes wartracks just put a boyz on the back got orky big shooters but can whaght tell ther girls are dun well TTFN

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