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progrees HUA and why ?

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welll yes all out thare ALL out thare the IG girls are all most dun and soon see the resols butt GOOD NEWS if we do it we fond ato books to liens to as we paint the balgarod and maloren by dave edding one beter fantacey out thare if figer out you just cant lisen to it all at one time i wont be uesing my PC but lap top and on the you tube of all places and off the talking books ans know this i have gon thew the book that whay so meenny times and has the best reader the thing i have alwhays like to meat the readers the talking books but cant be dun well ennywho the story one i like and i like to paint to it i figer out my lap top dose not have a substen to you tube and have sigh in to my on the PC UUUUUGGG or just get 3rd page and do it frome thare well will see now back to minis seen a mini frome wyrd that i liked and good lokng demen that might get and ues as demonic priinces in WHFB yes qwill see i seen on the war store and might send whay fore it the other the eros are down and the brothers vinny have 8 present of and the USA buck is up and frome eros to dollers well whot like get is down to cude be 105. oo and think if do it at wellfoggo might do it but some more math must be dun but wiill get brothers vinny minis some how . well soon redo pic of my amazon queen will show up wiil see well ALL TTFN

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