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welll thanks to frank

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wellll get stage EMAILL and seed that my mini the yes spell it right the re do not re o on my amazon qween whas put on fave and liike thak HIM who may be frank must have good test welll if ever in PA LANcater you see hare and others in pirsen and yes thats still bad pic my new cam tack beter ones but cant up lod to this dont know why cooll mini dont tell you evy thing siret hay COOLL your mini / gaming manfater GET OVER AND spill the big earth SHADING SIKETS just like GW buch its going to have the earth blow up if tell BS thare GAMEAS TOYS fun minis to paint not USA OR UK nashel serets its not that MIB come over and teell you you cant ok no more rant sorry alll frank thanks glade you like it thare be more soon hek chek out the entier army on the you tube redgreen09 thanks TTFN

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