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Stormboy Nob WIP - Gotta Start Somewhere

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I've started work on my Stormboy Nob. I usually start with the head, gives me something to look at, a character referece if you will, while I paint the rest of the model. The face is the most important part of a model and if it doesn't impart the character of the model, it just won't work. This one does, in my book. GRRRR!

Last time I primed (white) and base colored the face area with GW Foundation Paint Orkhide Shade and washed the teeth in Chaos Black.

I finished the teeth and gums after last nights photos and is shown here.

Ork Stormoy Nob Teeth

My color progression for the teeth are Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Bleached Bone and topped with Skull White. The gums are simply Scab Red, Red Gore and Blood Red. I attempted to go the pink route but wasn't happy with the colors I was getting so decide to go red instead.

The skin was next with a coat of Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, Goblin Green and just the lightest spots of Scorpion Green. Here's how it looks after with the skin done.

Ork Skin Done

I painted the helmet Chaos Black with a drybrushing of Boltgun Metal and a highlight of Chainmail. The leather wraps were painted with Snakebite Leather, wshed with Scorched Brown, highlighted with Vomit Brown. The horns were done in a mixed progression from Scorched Brown, 50-50 SB and Graveyard Earth, Graveyard Earth, 50-50 GE and Kommando Khaki, Kommando Khaki, 50-50 KK and Skull White up to full straight on Skull White. Whew!

Here's how it turned out...

Stormboy Nob Head

I thought I was done untill I realized I missed the lip ring. I also looked at it again this morning and feel the straps around the horns at the base of the helmet don't quite stand out enough so I'll give them a carefull outlining with a very thinned down black/brown mix tonight and one lighter shade of highlighting so they pop a bit more.

Feels good to be back in the painting saddle again!

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