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Urghum Yedharo

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Anyone has been dumb enough to have bought this figurine? I've been.. thought it was a stunning figurine.. well the master was.. after two hours spend on cleaning the cast seems on the figurine started on the metal pieces.. he hold two heads in his hand, one of them is deformed that you can't even make out it's a head and the same thing for one of the skulls that are on the sticks.. wrote a mail to Yedharo and posted on their FB.. not a peep.. can't do anything with that figurine so it's a total loss of money :-(((((((

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  1. TheLost's Avatar
    Well, I didn't buy this model in particular, but I did buy Xaffarocs and the female zodiac angel model from Yedharro and was severely disappointed with what I got. Nearly every detail on Xaffarocs was ruined (miscast) and I must say, they decided to make the stupidest pieces out of metal when they could have been resin. The angel model details were not nearly as sharp as I thought they would be either. I suppose this will be another training exercise in sculpting and greenstuff... In the future though, I won't buy anything from Yedharro again.

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