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welll things

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welll TO ALL if like see better pic and vid oof my stuff go to the you tube dont look at em hare not goosd mabe i stop posing them haer all to gether you just vote em down anny how just be enouiying the TROLL like do that and just piss off ALL OUT THAREE yes a TROLL does play or paint and post just capens that not good enuff becaous that why never picked up a brush or did a mini in ther life if have army thay have some one to paint it fore them yes mack job fore BTP and others that well ok i gess but dont caplan that my work not up to you when you did not do a thing last thay who are then pass thaer stuff off as own stuff and win best painted thanks BTP or what ever dont think thats fare acores you cant say a thing but you might got vid of say shawn of abtp posting the vid of minis geting painted then you got em well train thoght derailing need to do real life TTFN

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