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Best Paints for ChiBis?

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Hi Friends, and well anyone who takes the time to read this. I am VERY new to the CMON and Mini World all together. But I absolutely fell in love when I came across Arcadia Quest one day and purchased my very first set. I am absolutely itching to paint my new little friends but I am a perfectionist and I want nothing but the best for my craft. That said I have a few questions from the pros out there...

1 - Best Paints (including finishes and primers) to use

The color grade I am looking for is vibrant and not typically muted. I love color. Below is an image I found on simple Google search of the coloring that I am seeking.

Name:  546967.JPG
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2 - Best Brushes (all sizes)

Im not much for airbrushing. Especially since the vast majority of my minis are very mini and I dont see how airbrushing would work. But Im not the pro, you guys are!

3 - Addons and Tools

By this I am wondering if there are tools that you guys use on a regular basis like a magnifier, vice, stands, lights etc...

4 - Pro Tips & Techniques

That's about it honestly. Forgive me if this is all already posted somewhere. I an very much a noob to this market but am beyond thrilled to be here with you all. I eagerly look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to help and lend a helpful point. Until then, thx friends.

note: I noticed I didnt specify what type of minis I am painting specifically. I am primarily going to be focusing on ChiBi style minis.


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  1. Maxpaint's Avatar
    1, best paints? That's up to you. I like reaper but I think P3 has more dynamic colors.
    2. Brushes, I used artist loft for a bit , but currently a size 2 winsor newton series 7, but would prefer a size 1.
    3. I use daylight bulbs and secure the minis to a larger base to work on them.
    4. Pro tips imo dont over highlight or shade the face it can cause the chibis to look old.
    Hope that helps

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