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Time Travel Bad?

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Just watching a bit of TV again today when I should be studying (big shocker) and I think it's official. I might have to repeal or at least amend my previous views on time travel.
I used to say that time travel was the worst thing to happen to TV shows. Star Trek Enterprise is a good example of this: cool concept, limitless universe of possibilities, but instead they fudge it all by starting the show with a temporal cold war... garbage! Almost as bad as alien Nazis and evil parallel universes... but that was long after I stopped caring.
So one show is threatening my theory. Not Futurama -- which won an Emmy for "Roswell That Ends Well" -- because parodies don't justify the thing they are making fun of. I'm talking about Heroes. Didn't watch more than the odd episode of the first season (a mistake I plan to make up for) but I'm really starting to understand why everyone's so in love with it.
It's got cool superhero type stuff, teen drama plots, a bad guy more full of himself than a pop star, and a nerdy looking guy in feudal Japan. Nice combo It's just so ridiculous that you can overlook characters debating the merits of kissing a girl vs. protecting the space/time continuum. Plus it had George Takei. So it just plain wins.
I know this has nothing to do with painting models, so maybe I'll go do that. Or maybe I'll do some of the homework I should've done days ago. Either one works.

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