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off the hinge

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well got your ateshen on that think of just do it ben think how mack movement fore the monters that mack out old masks and cloth fore my booshes on halloween and think i got it i dop a T and add hands or arms with hads to the ree and put the monter heed an old macsk thats it we ben think of it if cut the tee in spots add higes some spings i think i can mack the crecher arms move but havent dun itthis witer just got do it and see the spings and higes wil work like old sreen door move back foth i think just got do it will get bits at the buck store and whont out that mutctch got old floor sruber think i do some thing to that rotaing heds i thik like do presher pades if some stepsd on em you set of but that not to be dun why dont know how to do it got do things that re do by them selfs so dont need spend time reseting thing got do a witch or flying thing to do that and this time ned to do a tree a big ass one two trees ben cut down and last trees in frunt neare the potch are to fare whay to put stuff in but now with liht that ues the path to houes is dark and got a thing fore nest year a cool door bell toe gert and know whare i put it on a gat that put beten the houes and smaill gap beteen the garoge and bush thatput a fence so thay have look fore the path you now cant see one the flasher that mas sounds did good this year but the rest that shud BBBBLLLLEEEKK the new projeter did ok got mack new haloween slides wish chang out as go giot get a vid one with trees gone got fil in gap that thare got bild some thing to go thare see trees fore sail but well think fo beter in sping go junk guy and see bout some stuff to mack one or two ho see my halloween stuffon the you tube or fack book TTFN if thare if thare E NET WENS DAY

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