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its not good

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well the TROLL have spok and dont like it some minis on my page had good stong 5 s and druged down to 2s THE TROLLS ON THIS sight will not know a good mini if saw it dam TROLL gess just delet the lot like meat the TROLLS that gave me bad revews bet thay dont play and paint AT ALL we all KNOW TROLL dont do enny thing at all but put thare better down that one thing bout the ENET i cant stand the TROLLS espesaly the ones that never painted in liff dam it just like get all and say it to the faces OK TROLL YOU WIN I GET TO IT TACK MY MINI OFF SDIMWITS TROLLS whas going post the wolly but the TROLL who hid behing the sceens will kill tht to UNMERRY BLEKMMAS TROLLS

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