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Dfarn it

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well going bad as ugel not even a TROLL 99 vews and no one say a post you figer some one will do so even your a bad sprller not even that well geting the ork book and a T rex truck and if thing go right a3 of vitora minis trucks at $18 bucks ten $ 38 bucks what do thing like to get WW 1 truckd with guns will see seen some cooll ones like do and yeas the tacks bet the WW 1 tacks if given todays stuff shoks and engen armer and some update guns will mack great troop trans ports be fun to test that out but expensive to do thinking ther new mythbuters going do some ork stuff got got glue got the bits just got do one a nuther day stuck in houes UNFAIER the minet i start enny thing i got stop it and do stuff fore it cant stand the it well that all o day TTFN

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