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new D ORKS and a IGs truck

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well the war store geting my cash and geting my stuff i see it coming tomorow and sdarter day cant what tell get it fist GW kit in long time not my falt if GW just put the price down i got more but cant but seen WW2 tacks just as mutch and NO THANKS wil not pay that mutch fore em not fare some one who get in the game just why ??? can see the mom and dads saying ARE NUTS ITS $ 50 TO $60 bucks fore a tack or books and $ 100 fore the two books you will need to play and dont have minis or tanks or truck yet an army say 2000 to 2500 is $ 400 buck pluss book now 8th is coming out hope it age of sigmare not doing it if not i just what tell i get the new ruel book on e bay just book the new boooks i have will do not geting no more fore one or two minis not going hapen thw other thing going just do my tacks and trucks going get testers glue and do it hot glue ok but need to do cloes up details and well do not what to and the IGs truck needs the testers glue might magnit some of it and do some out card the rivets are the thing in the inpiem hate em thay look good dont know how wheld ? pain in ass but if war loard game gets of ass i have more IGs girls and all be with huge boobs and geting two boxes that seed got get new caes to put stuff new marens new IGs orks and others one day be back playing and the box i have are crap and got get new stuff i find them the new I Gs girls will be olny 54 not 60 becaws i hat fat women and 6 in two boexs and will melt 6 of em but littl girls be teens evil plain cut em in haff and give em tailer midels and big boobs not huge thare 18 teens and well youl see TTFN

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