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A new Beginning

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I used to try and paint Miniatures with generic artists acrylics and pound shop paint brushes because I didn't know any better, when I uploaded a couple of my WIP pics that I thought were good to this place I was a little disappointed that they only rates about a 2.8 at best, then I joined the ChestofColours forum and my painting leapt ahead from that it used to be to something that I might be proud of again.

Please look at my 'Old Painting Stuff' album to see what I used to paint like... http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/album.php?u=28765

Unfortunately life took me in a different direction and I have not picked up a paintbrush for a few years so now that I am kind of settled I want to try again which is why I came back in here and am writing this blog post now. When I have some spare time I will get out my new paint kit and try my hand at some of the currently unpainted mini's that I own, when I feel that I can post something I will take some pictures then strip everything I have and begin the process of painting all of them to the best of my ability.


I don't have a lot of time to put into my painting but I fully intend to enjoy what little time I do have

I will put any new WIP's into my 'New Painting Stuff' album so you can all check it out there when I have actually done something and when I finally finfish a mini I will upload it to my pics page for you all to rate, I don't expect everyone to like what I do and I would really appreciate any tips and pointers you may all have on how I can improve my painting skill levels. I will also be posting stuff on the ChestofColours forum as well from now on so hopefully I can be more active in the mini Painting world, until then, keep thinning your paints and don't lick the brushes!

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