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Fallen Angel Update

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Put in a few more hours of work today while staying up late and watching Beetlejuice on CBC. Awesome movie, I forgot how much I loved it as a kid

Also just remembered that the Enter key on my Logitech G15 keyboard is broken. I popped the key off to check it out, and with modification I could convince the key to produce a backslash when depressed, but it won't function as the Enter key no matter what I do. I'm really at a loss here!

Anyway here's some shots of the Fallen Angel, now that I've uploaded some photos to the Album on here. Big thanks to Chern Ann for the 100MB of storage for site supporters... I can free up about half my storage space on my other account by posting WIP shots on here!

I'll make another folder for the other items on my workbench. I'll keep one or two shots per figure on there to give an impression about how things are going.

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