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Master of the Fleet

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Back again, got a few hours of painting in today. Also did a lot of cleaning/arranging my desk which is nice... I think I can actually be productive now without so much clutter.

Anyway I have pictures of the first model for the Blood Ravens, this guy is one of the new Masters of the Chapter models, the Master of the Fleet to be precise.


Hopefully he'll turn out nice, I'm quite fond of the colors I've picked out for the army and I'm anxious to see how they turn out on both command and rank and file troopers. This style of basing will be about standard for the entire army. Lots of cork, bitz, and plasticard where necessary. They help these models tower over standard 40k minis without actually having to convert anything

I'm also starting up a Workbench section that will be updated like Jakob Neilsen's Desktop Shot of the Week feature. Same kind of idea, basically a group shot of whatever I'm working on. This week's picture is of my photo setup since a few people have asked about it before.

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