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Jan from WarGamingMamas

Blood Bowl Teams

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As our customer demanded, all Blood Bowl miniatures are in tabletop (basic) quality only.

Blood Bowl Gouged Eye Team
Name:  gouged-eye-blood-bowl-team_40607378302_o.jpg
Views: 1027
Size:  1.12 MB

Human Reikland Reavers
Name:  human-blood-bowl-team_40648962111_o.jpg
Views: 926
Size:  887.6 KB

Wood Elf Athelorn Avengers
Name:  athelorn-avengers-elf-blood-bowl-team_39939234304_o.jpg
Views: 903
Size:  1,003.5 KB

Galleries of all 3 teams can be seen here. Check it out :-)

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Updated 03-14-2018 at 06:53 AM by Jan from WarGamingMamas

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