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A Brand new Adventure!

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Well this is going to be my very first blog.

I'm so excited to be here and to witness all the awsome paintjobs that so many artist have uploaded here!, that's true inspiration to get to the brushes and well... let the paint flow through the figure!!.

Also reading the post from other participants its great, because it's really interesnting to know how this hobby is lived in other parts of the world or even, in my same country.

Really hope to achieve so many goals! like making new friends!! get to know new games! have a lot of fun, and maybe use this as part of my inspiration for my work (I´m a fashion designer), so many things, and so many people, really a great community!!!



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  1. Jan from WarGamingMamas's Avatar
  2. Jan from WarGamingMamas's Avatar
    Good luck :-)

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