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New user, new blog. Welcome

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Hey there CMON. I'm new to this blogging thing, so lets jump right into it.

I have mono-vision from an accident. Overcoming that limitation while learning to improve my painting skills has been a tough task. You always hear stories about someone losing function of a body part and learning to adapt and overcome any disadvantage. Well painting is how i'm overcoming it.

I have too many armies for too many games, But let's make a list for the hell of it!
Imperial-Star Wars Legion
Gatorman Posse-Warmachine/Hordes
Death Guard-Warhammer 40k
Maggotkin-Age of Sigmar
Chaos,Ogres,Orcs&Goblins,Dwarfs-Warhammer Fantasy

I've been commission painting for a few months now, few jobs here and there, this area is not known for having painted models, honestly, everyone plays bare or primed with the intention of painting themselves. I'm in this boat too, I enjoy owning the models when I get the urge to play, and randomly paint models all over the place based on what i'm in the mood for. Green is my favorite color and i LOVE painting it. So be prepared to be many paint schemes I do based with this color.

Thanks to those who have read and follow me on Instagram, I look forward to sharing my work, blogging and chatting with everyone.

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