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The making of a 75mm miniature

Say hi to BOLD Miniatures

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Hi all again!

It has been a busy month but I can finally come and give some updates on how the whole process is going! For those that haven't read the other posts, I'm trying to release a 75mm mini on my own. Taking care of purchasing licenses for artwork, hiring 3D artist, managing a Kickstarter campaign and everything that else needed to make this dream true.

In my last post I showed the concept on which I'm basing the miniature. Joshua is the name chosen for the it and it is right now being sculpted by the talented 3D artist James W. Cain. I will soon upload some progress on the sculpt process (hint: it's looking pretty cool).
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On another matter. I'm super happy and excited to announce BOLD miniatures! This is my miniature brand and I will be releasing Joshua there after the Kickstarter campaign. The focus of the brand is going to be very high quality minis. I'm going to focus a lot in delivering minis with charisma, nicely sculpted and well presented. I'm doing a lot of research in packaging so that opening your mini feels like christmas has arrived. I'm also limiting the amount of copies made, and you'll be getting an authenticity card in the box. I'm also exploring the idea of having a custom plinth included with the model. I'm prototyping and talking with plinth makers to see if that is an option from an economic point of view. If you have any thoughts on that matter, please let me know. I appreciate any feedback I can get.

Here are some pictures of the first plinth prototypes. Done in plastic and MDF, laser cut and engraved.

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If you like this go ahead and check the website or follow it on FB and IG

Until next time!

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