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Flips wonderful Journey through the World of Miniature Painting

The Start of it all

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So this is the real start of my Blog, an I thought it would be a good Idea to start at the beginning of my Painting Journey. As I'm no native speaker in english, please be gentle about writing errors.

I was about sixteen years old and…. Well no no no, thats not where it really startet.

The first glimpse of what was to become my favorite Hobby showed itself when I was merely eight years old. I was together with my mother in store for household items, toys and other useful things. And there in a shelf in the toys section I saw a box.

It radiatet the golden light of the emperor of mankind himself, or probably it was just the sun piercing through the window.
Nevermind, for my six year old self it was glorius.
Heavily muscled men stalking through a jungle, carrying big guns and wearing a red band around their head. For a little boy quite the sight.
But it was not to be the start. The Emperors light (or the sun) was snatched from me by my mother leaving the shop.

Now we have to make a really big time jump. About ten years long.
My sixteen year old former self was a great fan of PC Gaming, and a greater fan of the Dawn of War Series still. It was then, that it hit me like a hammer.
I rememberd distantly the sight oft he Box of muscled men fighting in the Jungle and the little logo on top of the Box.
Well most of you will know by now what it was, that I have seen.

It was a box of Catachan Imperial Guard Soldiers. But if you think they would be my first Minis, I am about to disappoint you.

I begged my mother to drive me to a Tabletop Store in the city of Speyer. After a long time and some discussions that little toy soldiers weren’t the right toy for a nearly adult human being, she finally agreed to drive me to my destiny.

Finally! On a bright summer day I took my first steps to what would be become a obsession for plastic, glue, colours and many, many lost Games. (In about twelve years of Hobby I never even once won a game! Don't know what I did to anger the Dice Gods!)
I ventured into the store, taking the little stair down into the dungeon, ready to confront the Master of Plastic, and demand that he shares his ancient wisdom of Tabletop gaming in general, and Warhammer 40k in special.

Sadly what did follow wasn’t my brightest moment. As I stood before the Store Manager and informed him that I want to start with Warhammer 40k, he surprised me with his question: „Which Faction?“.
As the brain of sixteen year old boys have a habit to do, my brain simply shut down, and left me with the only answer I could think of in this seconds.

And as so many people before me, I started with the mighty Space Marines. A transaction about a „Battle for Macragge“ Starterset, some paints, brushes etc. later, I build and painted my very first Miniature. It was one of the SnapFit Space Marines out of the Set. As you can imagine it didn’t went so well.

He was not only part of my self created Chapter, the „Omega Marines“. (To this time I was happily oblivious to the fact that there already was a Chapter with this name. And a better Colour Scheme)
But he also was the beginning of an eternal love. As I ventured deeper and deeper into the universe of neverending war, I started a lot of armies, but always kept coming back to my beloved Space Marines. Often from different Chapters, some created by myself, some created by people with actually a plan what they were talking about.

As I'm currently not at home, I can't post some pictures right now. But be assured that as soon as I get the opportunity (about next weekend or so), I will post the Miniatures accompanying this epic tale!

Well that’s it for about now. Feel free to comment and share if you like!

Keep on creating more awesome Miniatures!



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