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Terminators are love, Terminators are life

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Greetings fellow Artists!

Today I bring to you a Post about love.
As you can imagine from the title, the Topic are Terminators.

And before you ask, no I don't mean the big naked guys, hurting other guys to wear cool leather jackets and sunglasses. Nor will I bring cool one liners to you. This time I want to talk about the equally heavily muscled guys, being a bit taller than good old Arnie and wearing not leather jackets but ridiculously heavy Armour. The Astartes wearing Tactical Dreadnought Armour, aka Terminators.

These "little" guys:
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From big angry killing machines to love is maybe a bit of a stretch, but please bear with me for the moment.

Love, because the Terminator Models are one of my favourite Models. For one part because there is something about those tall guys with apparently no neck or at least really great back pain, that speaks to me.

Everytime I see one, my Imagination runs wild with pictures of Terminators ( still not the leather guys) fighting desperate battles against countless foes, reciting battle chants, bellowing war cries and, against all odds, emerge victorius. Bloodied, battered but unbeaten.

It might has something to do with my faible for old action movies from the 80's and 90's, featuring a lone hero battling some faceless foe and, in the case of Bruce Willis, losing most of their upper body clothing.

But, my Imagination aside, I think they're just great models. In every part of them you can see the massive armour plating and the slow but determined movement of this guys. They really radiate this feeling of a slow, but unstoppable force of war. Thanks to the big plain parts of this guys, you can indulge yourself in great freehands ( well not me, regarding freehands I posess to left hands) and I painted quite a number of these guys.

So for your convenience here is a picture of some of my little friends:

Name:  Terminatoren.jpg
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Next time I will write about something non 40k related, promised! But for this time it shall be enough.

This leads me to a question for all of you!

What are your favorite miniatures and why?

As always feel free to comment and share!

Keep on creating awesome Miniatures!



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