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A little break can do wonders

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Hello fellow Artists,

today as promised a non 40k related topic! And the topic shall be the little breaks our hobby sometimes needs.

As with all creative hobbies or activities you can’t force the muse to come to you. Sometimes the muse is on vacation, and so should you!

This struck me while my fiancée and I were in Spain. We made a little pilgrimage from Léon to Oviédo, about 126 km long. It was a great journey, and it made some things clear to me.

But first things first. The whole project started as a humble birthday wish. My fiancée and I want to walk the pilgrimage of St. James to Santiago de Compostela. But as life goes, both of us don’t have the time to fulfill this dream. And so we decided to do the next best thing, and went on to walk the „Camino de San Salvador“. It was an incredibly humbling experience, and more so as I didn’t take my mobile with me.

It was my first vacation in another country for a very long time. (The last time I recall was when I was about twelve years old, so at least sixteen years ago.)

So to get you in the right mood for the rest of this blog, here is a picture of me at the start of our journey in Spain.

Name:  Start Camino.jpg
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While our ten days journey I had a lot of visual input and influences. The great landscape and the changing flora were just really, really, great to look at. We started in a somewhat barren region and as we progressed further on, the landscape was getting greener and greener with every day. Just to get you an image, here are two pictures of it. One at the start, one short before the end of our pilgrimage.

Name:  Ödland.jpg
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Size:  1.46 MBName:  Gründland.jpg
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The next part that made this journey something special, were the people there. The Spanish are lovely people, always with a smile for you, and incredibly helpful if you had issues with something.
Also we found them to be really proud about their traditions, and eager to show them to us.

The by far coolest meeting with the Spanish was in some remote village. The Asturian people have a special way to pour their apple wine, called “Cidra”. You hold the glas about the height of your hips, and the bottle above your head. Then you pour the Cidra. Here is an image of me trying this. It went better then expected and was a great experience, since the man showing us this tradition was so happy that we tried it, he grinned from one cheek to the other.

Name:  Cidra.jpg
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Please don't mind the black circle, it's simply for Data Security reasons (DSGVO).

And here a picture how it is done right:

Name:  Alter Cidra.jpg
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Again, please don't mind the blackened parts.

We had a lot of wonderful situations like that, and to write them here all down would be a little to much.

So as we reached the end of our journey, we came to the city of Oviédo. Here we got our “Salvadoriana”, the certificate that you completed this pilgrimage. Instead of telling you much I simply let the pictures speak for themselves.

Name:  Oviedo.jpg
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Size:  1.79 MBName:  Ovidoe.jpg
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Size:  1.35 MBName:  ovi nach.jpg
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When we got finally home again, I couldn’t wait to get to my desk and start painting again. It really helped my muse to come back, that I let her have her vacation and didn’t think about here. So with both of us relaxed we could start again creating some paint jobs and try improving from miniature to miniature.

So with this in mind: Prost!

Name:  abs.jpg
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Keep on creating awesome miniatures!



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