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Power Elephant


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Hello. I have been a painter for quite a while, but this is my first time posting here. My goal is to get as good as possible at painting. To show you my skill level, I present to you what I believe to by my best work. Thank you for your atention, and enjoy!
Name:  PB090128.jpg
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Size:  1.19 MBName:  PB090131.jpg
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Size:  984.3 KBName:  PB090133.jpg
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Size:  1.04 MBName:  PB090138.jpg
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Size:  1,021.0 KBName:  PB090140.jpg
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Size:  913.3 KBName:  PB090142.jpg
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  1. Jan from WarGamingMamas's Avatar
    nice work indeed :-)
  2. Dugefreshness's Avatar
    The mini is great but the scenery is outstanding. Great job!

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