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Using Themes for your Miniatures Part 2

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Greetings fellow travelers,

as promised I continue on last issues topic, which was:

...usage of themes for a paintjob.

What do I mean with that?

Through our painting we can transport a mood, feeling, thoughts and so on. The first step of the painting process for every one of us is to ask “What do I want to achieve with this paintjob”....

What I mean with this I explained in the last topic, so for the ease of reading I won’t go over this again.

To go a little bit deeper I want to concentrate on using themes as a source for moods, feelings and messages you want to transport.

We all know examples for art that moves us, be it music, text, paintings, sculpture etc. And in the same way we all know examples for events or locations that create a mood or feeling within us.
Our hobby gives us the great opportunity to express ourselves, i.e. our feelings, political believes, traumas, memories and so on.
The good part of themes is that they are so varied. Everyone has an infinite numbers of possible expressions, which come from within us. We don’t need a special external source to get to your theme.
On the other hand there are themes which have their inspiration in external sources such as historical events, news, landscapes and so on.

As an example from me, actual I work on a project set in the first world war. It’s a time period which fascinates and scares me in equal measure. Especially the destiny of these young people which came fresh from school and went directly in one of the most inhumane wars in history. The death toll and the number on invalid veterans where so high, that this generation is commonly called the “lost generation”. In the term invalid Veterans I include also all manners of psychological traumata (PTSD, Shell Shock, etc.) because these are at minimum just as grave as any physical injury. A good example for this are the in WW1 Germany so called “Kriegszitterer” which translates loosely to “wartremblers”. I believe many of you have seen videos of those poor souls in school or otherwise, which show the veterans walking, standing or whatever, while shaking uncontrollably with their head, a limb or any manner of combination of the two.

A really wonderful book on the topic of the lost generation is “Im Westen nichts Neues / All quiet on the western Front" from Erich Maria Remarque.

After reading this I started to research a bit deeper into the topic, and within me grew the wish give my own kind of Memorial to those Veterans. And this is the theme I want to use: The lost Generation.

First I thought about the feeling or mood I want to invoke with the miniature, and decided that it should be a feeling of hopelessness and of being lost. That means that I will dispense with any blood and gore effects, as well as a majority of warm colors, heroic poses, battle scenes etc. Instead I wanted to concentrate on a single soldier in a calm posture and a minimalistic base. I want nothing to distract the view on the soldier, so he will be the only miniature on the base, I want him to be a kind of black hole, he shall pull the view steadily on him, and him alone.

To finalize this issue: I want the Miniature to evoke compassion for those Soldiers, to create the kind of dread I felt while reading and researching for this piece. And the last point: Through these effects I want to give a clear anti war statement, in the hope that no future generations will be lost like this.

I hope I didn’t drag on too long on this, but I think it is a nice example of the effect a theme can have on your painting and the relationship you build with your miniature while painting. This can be a create motivation to actually paint the miniature, because you are more emotional invested in what you are creating.

Ok, lets wrap this up.

What do you think about this? Do you have a different opinion? I would be really happy if you share your experiences with me.

Well then, as always: Keep creating more awesome miniatures!



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