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Gemini's Minis (previous account DaddyBrown73)

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Thought I'd put up some of my previously finished work in here from the last time I was actively engaging in the hobby.

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  1. kleida's Avatar
    How long have you been away from painting? I've just picked it up again after about 15 years.

    Strange coincidence - that first figure you posted (kneeling archer - LOTR if I remember right) is also one of the last figures I painted back in 2005. I think yours is better than mine.

    I might dig him out and post some pics along with some ones I'm just finishing up
  2. Gemini7673's Avatar
    Been painting on and off for about 35 years, but there has been huge gaps in-between those 35 years. So yeah, start when I around 12 and have jumped in and out of the hobby ever since.

    Love to see your work!

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