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Reaper Master Paints

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I am probably preaching to converted but for the last week I was painting exclusively with Reaper Master series paints so here it goes. I discovered this paints about a year ago, mainly because they are locally available in the place I often visit yet with the exception of black brush-on primer I never used them. They come in dropper bottles that are slightly smaller then Vallejo (14-15 ml instead of 17). What you immediately notice that overall concept of this line is developed with a lazy painter in mind (meaning ME). These paints come in triads –shadow-midtone-highlight, and the way they name them leaves no doubt as to which one is for what.

While this might sound as a smart marketing trick (Hey Dude! Yes, you! Buy 3 pots instead of one, you know you want ‘em!) as I have learned later they indeed deliver what they promise. You have your 3 pigments, right out of the pot and you don’t need to spend time mixing and matching colors. Again, nothing stops you from experimenting, I end up using shadow and midtone from one triad and the highlight from another, however if you need to paint 40 gaunts you have a ready-made solution.

Personally, I got interested in skin colors. Reaper offers 7 triads for different skins. Yes, your math is right that would be 21(!) different paints. If you add to it 5-6 more triads for Bone and leather you can paint pretty much anything from very dark black skin to extremely pale greenish undead skin with all possible variations already laid out in convenient 3-color combinations. At the moment I have 4 triads that I tried and considering getting at least two more (Rosy –shadow/skin/highlights, Tanned shadows/skin/highlights, Golden shadows/skin/highlights, Ghool skin/Moldy skin/Bloodless skin). Reaper has more then 200 pigments in this range too (see here

Coverage is excellent, at least for those I am using now. Paint stability is way above average definitely better then Vallejo or GW. I went all the way to 1:10 and didn’t notice any separation of pigment from the binder. You can make very thin and very consistent washes from these paints (at least from those 12 I tried).

PS: Hehe, just noticed apparetly people red this blog of mine over 10000 times. They must be bored that much

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