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Cryx Part 09

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Ok since im still thinking about this OSL on my defiler, i decided to move onto another model. Deneghra seemed like a nice one to move onto so i wanted to keep her having a dark feel, so i used toned down NMM on the armour plates and i will try and keep that effect throughout the model's armour. The skirt i wanted to it to be a dark colour but also a contrast to the rest of the model. I think it works really well, maybe the blending could be a bit smoother but nothing a nice wash could help.

 Total Time (27 hours)Denny 01

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Painting and Modelling , Warmachine


  1. Arma's Avatar
    Hey mate. I keep in touch with peoples blogs and I really love me some Warmachine. This is looking great! How did you paint the purple?
  2. Arctica's Avatar
    hiya, the purple is done by starting with black (i used vallejo matt black) and progressively added liche purple. I watered down the whole mix with each successive addition of liche purple. When i hit pure liche purple i added very small amounts of vallejo matt white until it was a 1:1 mix as my final highlight, im tempted to take it up to pure white on the extremes but i think it will take the colour away so im keeping it rich and dark. I hope this helps.

    m00 (Arctica)

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