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Blood Ravens Color Recipes

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I've been asked what colors I used on my Captain, so I guess this is the best place to post Nice and public so everyone can see it. Here's the newest shot, with a bit more work done. Mostly on the chest and shield.



The armor was done with P3 Sanguine Base, shaded with a wash or two of my Scorched Brown/Black mixture. I then hilighted with Scab Red, Red Gore, then Red Gore with a bit of Fiery Orange in it. All hilights were feathered to keep it smooth without having to do a ton of mixing.

The bronze was done with Tin Bitz, 50/50 Tin Bitz and Brazen Brass, then a wash of Scaly Green, and finally pure Brazen Brass.

The tabard was done with approximately 50/50 Catachan Green and Codex Gray, shaded with glazes of the same Scorched Brown/Black mixture, and hilighted by adding Bleached Bone to the midtone.

His cloak was done with Orkhide Shade, shaded with the same Scorched Brown/Black mixture (detecting a pattern? I love that color!). Hilighting was done by mixing Codex Grey into the Orkhide. Be warned, you can't really feather Foundation paints because it screws up the pigments. Be prepared for much more old fashioned layering, ie. unnecessary headaches. Orkhide is gorgeous but hard to work with.

Bone on the shoulder pads was done with Khemri Brown as a basecoat, shaded with a glaze of (you guessed it!) Scorched Brown/Black mixture. I hilighted by mixing Bleached Bone into the Khemri Brown. This mixture actually seemed to behave itself, it's one of the only Foundation colors I've been able to blend with smoothly. Which is great because I was using Graveyard Earth for the basecoat before, and it gets terrible coverage. This was much faster.

Bases for the army are a combination of greenstuff, plasticard, 6mm cork tiles all cut up, 2mm cork sticker pads (the kind you stick under furniture so it doesn't scratch the floor, I found packs of 25 at the dollar store) for thin pieces of stone, and random bitz from my bitz box. I'll eventually post some pictures of the other 15 or 20 bases I've done up so far.

The rocks on the base were drybrushed Scorched Brown, then Codex, then the concrete bits were washed heavily 2-3 times with Catachan Green. Then the gravel and concrete were both drybrushed with a final hilight of Codex mixed with Rotting Flesh. I might glaze the gravel with a brown ink later, I've done it before to help contrast the ground from the stone and some times it really helps.

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