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Army in a box (a little box)

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I've shown these guys off once or twice before, but I can't stress enough how awesome these little trays can be for sorting out parts. You can get them at the Dollar Store, usually the walls between compartments pop out so you can fit big bits like flag poles and spears and stuff with ease.

I finally finished clipping all my Wood Elf bitz and sorting them. Here you can see the ~30 Glade Guard, all the parts to make a few dozen Deamonette/Dryad models, 8 Glade Riders plus a ton of characters and leftover metal guys (Eternal Guard, Waywatchers, and the likes).

So yeah, if you can get your hands on something like this I highly recommend it, there's easily like 6+ regiments worth of models in a box maybe a third the size of a normal Regiment Box. Well worth $2.00 per tray.

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  1. johnboyjjb's Avatar
    What are they? Where do you get them? I use tackle box trays and they are expensive.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Hey Johnboy, most of the Dollar Stores in my area have some variety of boxes like these. They are usually found in the hobby/hardware section. Either with the craft stuff like paint and supplies or with the hardware tools. Some times these sorts of trays are marketed as bead sorting dividers or something. I was going to use a big expensive tackle box setup but the difference in price is enormous.
  3. Jericho's Avatar
    Me again, I just found one unopened box. It's called a "Quick Fix Adjustable 24 Compartment Box" imported by Encore Sales from Ontario, Canada. The dimensions are 11x7x1.6" in case you were wondering. This is just cheap made in China stuff so you should be able to find another brand with a similar product.

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