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Stormboy Nob - Fini - For Now

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I said the next post would be of the finished Stormboy Nob, and it is. Along with freaking out and speeding up the end process when doing a mini, I also get apprehensive about the quality of work, second guessing if it's going to look at least as good as the last one. When it's all said and done though, I always forget it was like this the last time too.

When I'm nearing the end of a model there's a lot of shine from things like inks, glazes, and washes that make certain (read: bad) things stand out. That, and forgetting every time I rely somewhat on the Testors Dullcote to do a bit of smoothing on my transitions. Not that I do silky smooth transitions, yet.

Overall I think he's a good standard for my army as a "semi-special" character type. I have 6 other models to base to match the rest of the army so I'll wait to base him with the others. After that I'll take nice pictures and post to my CMON account and get the general consensus from everyone. The newest technique I tried was the full on painted metals instead of Chaos Black with a dry brushing. Now I look at older models and get the itch to redo some parts......

And for all of your patience, here's the pics of Stormboy Nob - Done.

Stormboy Nob Done

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