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ME14 etc.

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Just a quick post to say that I tore my room apart the other day looking for stuff that planecrazy might want for the Mini Exchange 14 thing going on in the forums. I have some pics of the collection up in the Workbench area (seemed like the best place to put them).

The first one shows the aftermath of my searching around for models to send off... it'll get put back together before too long, I have to sleep somewhere! You can see most of my unopened blisters on the mattress, along with some random bags of bitz and my disgustingly swollen and bloated box of Inquisitor models next to the Guitar Hero guitar on the chair.

The next one shows my LoTR/other garbage box, along with my sorted bitz. The green one is relatively empty, since I've only started sorting out bitz for my Dark Angels. The blue one has about 60 SM models of various types, plus 3 Command Squads worth of bitz, about 8 years worth of leftover parts and 15 plastic Scouts. The white box has enough metal bitz to fully convert 66 Noise Marines (that means guns, shoulder pads, backpacks and heads, plus a few random bitz for characters) and there's a couple dozen Demonettes in there too. The blue/clear donut looking box has about 110 Kasrkin models in it, sorted by pose and weapon. That drop troops army might get done some day... some day

Finally we have one that shows most of my intact boxes, there's a ton of em. Sentinels, Heavy Weapons Teams and tanks for my IG project, an entire Tau army (Battleforce, Megaforce, plus tons of extra skimmers), tons of SM stuff (including 2 Ravenwing Battleforces, the DA Army Box, and a Battle Company box you can see in the back corner) etc.

There's also a couple of army boxes on the top shelf, but you can't see them. There's 2 Khemri boxes (yep two of the $360 army launch boxes), the Wood Elf army box, and a buttload of leftovers from a decade's worth of starter sets. That means everything from 40k and Fantasy to BFG. I think I have an Empire army somewhere, but I don't know where it is right now. That can't be good.


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  1. AinuLainour's Avatar
    Hey man, still haven't got them out.. but do not fear, first thing monday! I need to sort through all the boxes of unpainted lead etc in the closet.

    I saw those pics from your stash, goddam man!
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Haha yeah, I've maybe bit off a little more than I can chew when it comes to buying armies I'll never paint :P I'm excited to see what everyone gets for the ME!

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