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Killer Kan Madness - WIP

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I finally sat down and forced myself to start back up on the killer kan mob for Red Jack. This one is the "Eavy Metal Killa Kan. This one is mostly steel and brass with some red panels attached for the glyphography (a real word?)

This took most of a day to accomplish, on and off throughout. I'm learning the GW metallics thin very well, and very thin too! I'll post more later and update you on the finishign and basing of the Kommando Big Shootas and the Stormboy Nob.

'Eavy Metal Killer Kan

Here's the finished Kan - Dullcote is being a bit of a &#$# and is being shiney. I'll have to get a new can and see if it's a bad batch. I'll base all three Kans at the same time

Killer Kan Front

Killer Kan Back

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  1. Jericho's Avatar
    Nice lookin Kan :D Not often you can say that without getting slapped... anyway I think the Kan would look great with some weathering on it. Washes of browns and oranges are pretty quick and easy, and get the job done pretty quick. A bit of patina on the coppery/gold parts could look great too. I'm totally a sucker for rust/weathering these days.
  2. Sukigod's Avatar
    Thanks for the compliment, :) taken in the correct context, of course!

    I'm working up the courage to do that next - after all the work that went into it so far, I'm almost afraid of ruining it. There's no gain without risk though.
  3. skeeve's Avatar
    The idea is great. I don't know why so few use metallic contrast for those. However, it is too shiny, either because of flash or because of varnish. I would give it a simple neutral wash with something very dilute brown (not ink). It will not affect colors but should take care of reflections. Weathering... I am actually also all over weathering nowadays but not on vehicles. take a look at those...
    and this
    and our lovely discussion in here

    The base I have in my blog was painted using these pigments
  4. Sukigod's Avatar
    Thanks for the links skeeve! The colors/effect on the white tank is exactly what I'm looking for. I actually have some of these left over from my military modeling days, although I never worked on a white vehicle. I suppose my apprehension is based on scaling the effect down correctly as I know how easily overdoing it can affect the effect. (weird, I don't think I've ever used those two in the same sentance before...affect/effect)

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